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Answers to the most common questions about Brands.

SponsorAdda provides a chat support in case you need some assistant around the platform.  We are happy to answer any questions you have, in addition resolving any issues.  

Support responds within 3-5 business days.  
M-F.  Weekends and holidays are not operational days.

We do not provide live support or phone support.

Contact: [email protected]

At Sponsorsadda it is our mission to directly connect creators and brands by keeping things as simple as possible while also delivering the most value for both brands and creators. With that in mind, it is completely free to sign up and post campaigns or send proposals on Sponsorsadda! No contracts, monthly charges, or long-term commitments. Sponsorsadda only charges when a brand hires a creator, it's that simple.


Sponsorsadda charges an 18% GST fee + Sponsorship Amount From Brands.


Sponsorsadda charges 25% upon completion and brand approval of your content. For example, अगर आपने Rs 500 रूपए का Sponsorship लिया है तो उसमे से SponsorAdda उस Rs 500 में आपसे 25% Fee Cut कर के आपको Total Rs 375 रूपए आपको देगा आपके Sponsorship Video का  !. This does not include any Paytm, Paypal, UPI, or credit card processing fees.

Each campaign submitted on SponsorAdda is reviewed for approval by our Approval Team to make sure it meets guidelines for safety and quality before being available in our marketplace. Here’s a list of the types of campaigns that are usually flagged or declined. Please make sure that your brand or product does not fall under one of these categories. CAMPAIGNS THAT ARE NEVER ALLOWED

Adult, Cannabis-related products or services. Alcohol or Tobacco/e-cigarette related products.  Grow your social media following promotions. Political & Religion related products, services. Replica, fake, counterfeit, or "dupe" products. You must be a representative of the brand or have permission from the brand to sell their products in order to post a campaign. Gambling, casino, fantasy play, or sportsbooks/esports. Weapons or replica weapons. Campaigns asking creators to help promote their charity, raising funds, etc,. Cryptocurrency, and any services, products, or apps that offer cash/cryptocurrency for using that service. Children demo-targeted products or services. All kids related campaigns are subjected to a decline. Supplements for Testosterone and similar. Campaigns that violate FTC regulations or asks unethical work from a creator. Campaigns asking for content in exchanges for affiliate, commission, etc.,



If you are a brand based out of one of the following countries we, unfortunately, can not approve your account or campaign. You may receive a decline email stating that your campaign has hit a "Sanction Screening". Using VPNs to avoid access to the site from restricted countries will eventually get your account removed due to the screening.

  • China
  • Japan
  • Pakistan
  • Nepal
  • Korea
  • Spain

This list is not comprehensive and is constantly evolving. If you’ve posted a campaign and you feel that the decline was a mistake, or have any question please feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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if Your Category is not mentioned here then email us on [email protected] Our Team Will Contact You if your sponsorship follow our all guidelines.

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